County buildings CLOSED to public

All County buildings in Fayette County area closed to the public effective this week.


County buildings CLOSED to public


By Jack Swanson


The Fayette County Board of Supervisors met on Friday afternoon, March 20, to approve a disaster declaration for the County and to declare the County buildings closed to the public effective Monday, March 23.

This action was taken in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

“Our goal is to protect the citizens and employees of Fayette County. Our employees will continue to perform essential county services by appointment,” was the message released by the County, Friday afternoon.

County Auditor Lori Moellers said the doors of the courthouse are locked.

“The only way someone can get in is if they make an appointment with a department head, or if it’s something that is absolutely necessary,” Moellers said.

She said Wednesday, March 25, is the last day to file nomination papers for a county office in the upcoming election. “If someone wants to file they will have to call and we will meet them at the door (see below).”

Moeller said she is encouraging voters to use absentee ballots as much as possible. “They can call us and we will mail them out,” she explained. “The primary election is going to be right around the corner and I think there is a lot of traffic that people can do outside the courthouse.”

Residents can find information on the county website at:

If you have questions, you may contact the corresponding offices.

Supervisors Office:  563-422-3538

Assessor’s Office:  563-422-3397

- Reminder:  Residential reappraisal is still on going in Fayette County.  It is up to you as the property owner to decide if you want to allow the appraiser into your home or not.  Please be cooperative and answer questions that they may have so the information is as accurate as possible.  The appraisers are working for the Assessor’s office.

Auditor’s Office:  563-422-3497 

- Candidate filing for the Primary and General Election can be done by appointment.

- Suspending Passport Services until further notice.

- Anyone wanting to vote in the Primary Election may request an absentee ballot by calling the Auditor’s office to request the form or go to: to print the form.

Treasurer’s Office:  563-422-3798

- Vehicle registrations and property taxes can be paid through the mail, placed in the drop box located by the courthouse, or online at

- Assistance in completing title transfers can be provided over the phone and then the completed paperwork can be mailed or placed in the drop box.

Recorder’s Office:  563-422-3687

Clerk of District Court:  563-422-5694

Community Services:  563-422-5047

Conservation:  563-422-5146

Emergency Management:  563-412-9200

Engineer:  563-422-3552

Environmental Health:  563-422-3767

GIS Coordinator:  563-422-6079

Planning & Zoning:  563-422-3767

Floodplain:  563-422-3767

Sheriff’s Office:  563-422-6067

- Suspending fingerprinting, inmate visitation, work release and gun permits until further notice.





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